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Adrian Mauriks

Artlink, Volume 9, Number 2, 1989

Bird Totem by Adrian Mauriks was commissioned by the AMP Society and is sited in a large public plaza near the Regent Hotel on 256 George Street, Sydney.

This commission is one of 14 public works and/or corporate large scale sculptures organised during the course of 1988 by Directors of the Irving Sculpture Gallery, Dr Gene Sherman and Karin Gross.

Other major commissions and large scale purchases included works by Bruce Armstrong, Ante Dabro, Bert Flugelman, Ernist Juraszek, Michael LeGrand, Kent Morris, Tony Pryor and Ron Robertson-Swann.

These Works were placed in spaces as diverse as sculpture parks, hotel complexes, corporate offices and public plazas.

The Irving Sculpture Gallery attracts clients from all over Australia interested in integrating sculpture and public spaces.